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Product Issue Notification

Hello retailers, 

We received a photo from a retailer that showed one of our 6oz tin candles with the paint on the inside of the lid was peeling up. It didn't look good at all! So we took a look at that candle in our warehouse and we noticed a handful of our once perfect stock doing the same thing. 

We contacted our tin vessel supplier and they said that due to supply chain issues, they purchased a batch of tin vessels from a different source in March 2022. Those vessels were then shipped out to makers, like us. We asked if they were having any issues with them, like we described, and one other maker had reported the same thing. They didn't know why it was happening, but they suspect the warmer weather, mixed with certain scents, has something to do with it. We have identified 4 scents from our collection that could be at risk. 

Where did that leave us? Not knowing if there are more candles that made it into shipments in April and May, we thought we would reach out to our retailers who may have received some to ask for their help.


SEND A PHOTO OF ANY CANDLES AFFECTED TO We are happy to credit your next order! 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and we also pride ourselves on customer service. As many of our long time buyers know, this is not our usual standard of product and the first time we have dealt with something like this. 

We hope that if there is ever an issue with a shipment or a product, that you contact us immediately. 

Thank you for your support and understanding! 

Hope Meadows

And the Fly Paper Products Team!