Drum Roll, please.... Fly Paper Products is excited to announce the winning entry for our 'Name that Candle' contest! We received hundreds of entries over the past three months, and we were overwhelmed with all the fantastic and clever submissions. So many, that are creating a collection of some of our favorites. So, check back soon to see if your idea was chosen for a future candle!⁠

The winning entry goes to Caitlin Moore with Pear Street Books and Plants in Oklahoma City, OK. She submitted the name 'Indie Bookstore', which we thought perfectly encapsulated the community fostered by independent booksellers. The store received 12 FREE 'Indie Bookstore' Soy Candles for the winning submission. ⁠

We love to support Independent Bookstores, and what a better way than to host a fundraiser benefiting the Book Industry Charitable Foundation. BINC helps the employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops with unforeseen emergency financial, medical, and mental health service needs. Fly Paper Products will donate 10% of both wholesale and retail profits of the 'Indie Bookstore' Soy Candles to benefit BINC.⁠

 This give-back fundraiser will continue through Independent Book Store Day on April 27, 2024.