Have you ever wanted to name one of our candles?


Flex your creative, bookish knowledge and enthusiasm by entering our contest to name our next literary candle! If we choose your entry, your retail store will WIN 12 FREE CANDLES - that YOU were a part of creating!


The Fine Print: Each retail store will have 3 chances to win. If multiple stores enter the same candle title, the first store to submit that entry will be declared the winner.

When submitting an entry, keep in mind that we can only use titles that are either royalty free or copyright free. We don't want to be sued! 

We may be wowed by the submissions and may use a 'runner up' name submission for a future candle. If so, we will contact the store and offer 12 FREE CANDLES at that time. So if you are thinking potential holiday candle titles, your suggestion could still be a winner!

The winning retailer will be chosen on September 1st, 2023.